Quick Satellite and LOS question.

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Jan 4, 2007
I live on the West Coast (WA state, Zip 98236) and actually have had a Line of Sight problem in the past with the 110/119 satellites. The DTV tech. that had come over last year had told me that I cant get HD till they move the Satellites over and use the 3 Slimline LNB Dish (pulling this from memory, I had written this down but am at work right now). He also mentioned that once DTV had moved their channels from 110/119 to 103 (I think) and I would be able to get HD then. If I remember correctly I need 99/101/103 for DTVHD (which I have LOS too) and another one for International programming.

Can anyone confirm this? I would greatly appreciate it.

Please reply by conversation.

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