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Nov 19, 2004
Ok guys, I have a quiz for you. Last week, my wife and kids complained our 622 receiver was dropping signal. When I finally got a chance to actually watch the TV - a channel my kids were watching (Cartoon Network), I saw what she was talking about. Some of the time, the receiver would lose signal, but most of the time, the video would freeze and there would appear would looked to me like bleed-in from another channel. What's weird is when the bleed-ins occurred, what was bled-in was always the same image. It was another cartoon with a guy sitting behind a desk (like a cartooned Dave Letterman). This reoccurred over the period of 20 minutes (that I watched it), but the bleed-in was always the same image - like whatever was bleeding-in was paused because it was the same image

About a week later, I saw massive drop outs on 172 (just happened to be watching that at the time). I have a 622, so I went upstairs and checked the same channel coming out of Sat2. It looked good, meanwhile Sat1 was still dropping out a lot.

So I called my local E* dealer and we talked about some stuff. I unplugged the separator and put the Sat2 out on the separator into the Sat1 input on the receiver. Sat1 never locked on to a sat after about 30 seconds. So I unhooked the separator, let it rest for a little while (30 seconds - not cause I knew any better - just cause I got interrupted) and hooked separator Sat1 to Sat1 on the receiver and separator Sat2 back to Sat2 on the receiver (the way it originally was). To my surprise, I didn't get any signal nor sat loss on either Sat1 or Sat2.

I call my E* dealer back up and told him what I just told you. He said he has seen where if he unplugs the receiver and discharges (grounds?) the receiver for a few minutes, sometimes the system starts working again.

So my questions to you are, have you guys seen and done this? Is this a reasonable explanation for this behavior? Is discharging the system AND system components something I should be doing periodically?



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Feb 27, 2006
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I had some problems with our 622 a while back and learned that it's a complicated piece of equipment. I've never seen what you are experiencing but my first guess would be that it has something to do with the DVR functionality. The receiver is always caching the video (for replay, etc.) and it's possible that something in the caching/purging isn't working right...


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Jun 18, 2009
you dont need to unplug the system periodically, in a good install you wont ever have to. There was a Current Channel Issue with Cartoon Network recently, im not sure if it was just the HD feed tho, but if it was that would explain tv2 being okay. If it were a buffer error then its not going to be isolated to one channel and most likely not just one tv. the tuners are agile so be careful when you check signal. you may be picking up interference from the 129/61.5 location, whichever one you have installed... tv1 being hd having issues on this channel points to it pulling in and passing noise on that frequency. is there an airport, policeman, HAM radio or any other radio producer nearby? finding out what the picture is of might help too, but it sounds like the LNB or the separator going out

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