R5000-HD vs Dish or DirectTV DVR


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Aug 4, 2008
In my previous apartment I had a R5000 with DirecTV for three years. Unfortunately they switched to mpeg4 and even if R5000 supported it for directv I couldnt get it due to trees in the way.
However I did enjoy being able to record stuff, then transfer it to my computer and re compress if I wanted to keep it.

I have since moved and my new apartment does not face south. I got comcast HD as it was my only choice and decided to try their DVR. It is much more convenient than using the R5000 since it is linked to the same guide. However there are annoyances. If I want every episode of a show, it does not keep track and i often will get 5 recordings of the same episode when I only need one. (this happens alot on channels like USA where they show the same thing several times a week). Also it does not know if a show runs overtime.

SO NOW, my apartment manager has presented me with the option to move and there is an apartment available facing south which has a layout I dont like or one facing southwest which has a layout I like. I will be able to get dish with the one facing south but not with the one facing southwest, just directv. I know there is debate but I figure the picture quality is about the same, I've never seen dish's HD or MPEG4 from Directv. Ofcourse if I get DirecTV I can't get a R5000-HD, however I'm wonder in the DVR will be good enough.

For those of you that have R5000-HD AND DVR, do you find yourself using the R5000 less? I don't know how good the Dish DVR or DirecTV DVR is but do you find yourself just using that instead of the R5000-HD. The main thing with the R5000-HD that I can save things permanently. Also, I know dish recently came out with some new receivers. Has anyone had trouble getting one that can be modified for R5000.

Sorry for the long post, I appreciate any input.
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Dish + R5000-HD + Sagetv= Priceless ;)

Nothing else comes close

^^^ What he said ^^^

SageTV takes all the advantages of the R5000, and a DVR, puts them together with a media server, whole house integration, and completely customizable EVERYTHING.

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