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    After 24 hours of being down the DIRECTV 11 Satellite is beginning to show signs of life again! Looks like this ordeal will soon be over! DIRECTV thanks you for your patience!!

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If Dish had HD local, I would subscribe TOMORROW!! This is quite literally the only thing delaying my move away from TWC. I have a free antenna coming from WRAL, and if it gets good reception, then I will make the move anyway.
Got this e-mail on the 30h of October:

I am sorry it has taken so long for someone to get back to you. We are proud to announce that we are launching three more local stations in HD in 2006. This list includes Pittsburgh , Raleigh , and Indianapolis . I have sent an e-mail to our director in programming to see if he can give me a closer date. Once I get a reply back I will let you know.

Thank you

Matt *******
Executive Communications
E-mail: Matt.*******@echostar.com
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Last I heard, it was going to be mid-Nov. I new Dish is required (500+ or 1000+) to get the 118.7 deg orbital slot. They have been testing the uplinks on the Satellite already so it appears that it's just waiting for them to throw the switch on the subscribers in the market with RDU zip codes.
just curious, but how do you get a free antenna from WRAL?

I got this email from some of the engineering guys at WRAL

"WRAL-TV is giving antennas away to viewers who've purchased HDTVs or receivers.

All I need is a copy of the sales receipt for your HDTV set or your HDTV tuner, your delivery address, and your home telephone number (for delivery purposes only...no one will call you). You can send your information via email, fax or regular mail. The email address is wral-tvengineeringinfo@wral.com The fax number is: (919) 821-8679. The mailing address is:

WRAL-TV HD Antenna Giveaway
PO Box 12000
Raleigh, NC 27605

Once I receive this proof of purchase information, I will order your antenna from Andrew Corp. in Smithfield, and they will ship it directly to the address you specify.
Wish they would sway something on their website.... But really don't want OTA since where I live, the signal is not very stable. One day, it's in the 80s and the next , it's in the 60's and drops out constantly....

Just waiting for it on the Sat... November is ticking away... Might be time to call DISH and find out when they will enable it...
I have tried OTA at my home and have had no luck. Apparently I live on top of the PBS array as that's the only channel I can pick-up. Has anyone heard an updated timeline for Dish adding local HDs? I just dropped them an email, hopefully they'll respond with some good news.
I was told when I signed up w/dish that they would have Raleigh HD locals in 2 weeks....But that was three weeks ago! I'm getting pretty good OTA reception though, so I'm not complaining.
I get great reception on the WRAL antenna. They sent me a Channel Master 3022 or something. It is up in my attic and now that it is pointed in the right direction, I get WRAL, WLFL, WTVD, WRAZ all in the high 90's with frequent sustained peaks of 100. WNCN is usually in the high 80's. Tonight I'll find out how sustained it is watching Heroes.

I spoke to Dish Saturday night and they couldn't (or more likely wouldn't) give me a firm date for the Raleigh HD locals.

It would be nice to record 2 (or even 3) HD network shows at the same time.
Oh man, glad I found this thread. I'm "stuck" on TWC also and have been waiting for dish to add HD locals to raleigh. I've got a channelmaster up in the attic from the old voom days but can't rely on it's signal.

As soon as dish adds HD locals to raleigh I'll be ordering!

Does anyone know what channel numbers will be the Raleigh HD locals? I have all of them solid over an antenna in the attic now, so it's not a huge need but I would like to be able to watch two local hd broadcasts at the same time (like a race and football game with the 622 in single mode). I see some channels up the upper 8000 range. Will that be the HD locals?
Current Channel chart (unofficial) shows Raleigh on the 118.75 Satellite (requires a DISH500+ or DISH1000+) and will be Channels 6465 through 6468.

I too am waiting - I have sporadic signal with the OTA antenna and would like the ability to record/watch more than one show at the same time....

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