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Feb 3, 2009
Has anyone noticed random freezing? I have seen it on different channels, TCM, Travel, some of the movie channels. The video and audio will freeze for a second or two before continuing. Have noticed it over the last week or two.
It's an ongoing issues for a long time. It's gotten so bad, especially on TCM, that it's become unwatchable at times. Take a look at the topics linked at the bottom of the page.
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I saw those topics but due to the age of the threads (one goes back to 2006) I didn't think they would be related to the current problem.
I see the video stop and going on most channels and if I "rewind" it play that same sections fine, I wonder if some issue with transmision from h3 to 4k joey or just 4k joey is going. Then again been like since day one and dont seem to happen on actual h3
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I've noticed it on several different channels.
but is happen on h3 and joey? or only happen on joey and when rewind on joey does it play with out the skipping/freezing issue I cant get better signal then what we have, and been have this freeze/skip since we moved to NC
i guess there us multiple cause for this then, the uplinking/downlink and hardware issue?

Food for thought comettv stilll randomly turns in to jumping/skipping mess but no where near as frequent as use to be and by this i mean it looks like something that would happen in streaming feed if bandwidth is not sufficient, and seeing as i have 400mbit down that issue isn't from my end.

But i have seen and still do see skipping/freezing on FX/Syfy/Tcm/dish movie package channels/ etc and dozen more not as bad as was but still. my time with dish is come to end abywayi in coming months i drop everything to basic package, cost just keep rising and idiototic promblems seem to be pilling up (looking at you guide). and some point just drop and do streaming only seeming half time something be stream dish not actual watched most time

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