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Happy Camper

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Jul 20, 2005
Central Texas
Overall, we are very, very happy with our switch from D* to FIOS. Here are some random thoughts and comparisons if you are ever thinking about leaving D*:

Things we'll certainly miss about D*:

1. D's terrific sports coverage and packages-none better
2. Channel 101
3. The "list" button
4. A 90 minute buffer (we went to TiVo to avoid Verizon's crappy boxes-only 30 minutes)
5. Double dash delete on your recorded list
6. D*'s superior hardware (boxes) and software interface when compared with Verizon, unless you get your own TiVos with Verizon cable cards-generally, D* gives you more and better hardware choices than anyone, imho
7. D*'s superior window box for watching what you are viewing while surfing
8. D*'s portability if we ever want to build or move outside of an area served by Verizon fiber
9. D*'s lower monthly price for each additional box (a tricky comparison-$5 vs $14.99, but you do not pay anythng for Verizon's boxes and you can use cable cards for less) despite Verizon's overall lower cost for apples to apples service.

Things we loved right away about FIOS:

1. An immediately noticeable better picture on every kind of channel except premium HD movie channels like HBO or Showtime-those were equal with D*, or, put another way, D*'s best channels looked about the same as all the Verizon channels. Most dramatic difference on HD 'cable' channels like, say, Fox News or HGTV, etc. Verizon is very, very good-perfect to my eye.
2. Interfacing with TiVo Premiere plus cablecard-really like the new TiVo (seamless, easy, but FIOS boxes suck-really)
3. Both TiVo and Verizon's own boxes are faster on fiber optics-they switch channels, functions, reboot, etc. faster than D*
4. A returned ability to get local community access channels
5. On our two best sound producing setups-better music channel sound on FIOS-I'd say equal to CD quality-surprised me-really good stuff.
6. No huge, expensive heat producing multi-switch in our media closet-a streamlined wiring diagram for FIOS
7. No lost signal in thunderstorms, or snow
8. All channels have equally strong signal on FIOS-no variance as on D*'s different satellites.
9. No outdoor dish if we want to take it down
10. Combining Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster, You Tube, all music services, etc., world without end into one box-love it
11. Superior ability to bundle the phone services, internet and video into one aggressively priced package-saves us a lot of $$.
12. No silly two year service commitment if you add a new box. We volunteered for a six month commitment with FIOS to get an temporary, increased introductory package advantage, but the long term, non promotional package had no commitment and is still way less than D*
13. Verizon's boxes are "free." You do not have to buy them-they suck, but they'll give them to you. :) If you do buy your own TiVo, you own it, and do not have to return it. And, your own TiVo box, which you OWN, is compatible with any cable service if you move, but not D* or DISH.
14. Verizon's installers in this area are company employees and better trained. No stupid, inept D* sub-contractors
15. TiVo to Go desk top has great portability, high video quality and you can download recorded shows and convert to iPod! Sweet.
16. Really easy box networking-switch shows from one to another-better network controllability and integration, great video when you put a recorded show on your laptop computer to travel with.
17. The Verizon Triple Play package upped our internet speed to 30/25 and added free long distance, and then lowered the price for both.
18. Over-the-air antenna programming is integrated into our TiVo boxes-we can easily watch local weather radar, etc. Verizon's rebroadcast of local digital channels is better than over-the-air for us because we live 35 miles from the over-the-air broadcasting antennas.

Just some parting impressions. Overall, there is more to like about Verizon than I initially thought when comparing before the switch and shortly after. (I really liked the idea of not ever having to again pay for another fried multiswitch)

It won't be the same for everyone and opinions will vary. I'll always keep in mind that if we build on some property we own North of here, I'll be back to D* in a flash without hesitation because there is no fiber there, and may never be there.

Best regards,
The Camper
still happy after all these years
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Dec 28, 2004
Cheshire CT
Thanks for the comparisons. It looks like you are going to be very happy with FIOS. I wish I had the option, but here in CT, the only town with FIOS is Grennwich.


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Oct 11, 2009
Sun, Sun and more Sun!!!!
I had FIOS in VA but it was not available here in NH. I have all positive things to say about it and I would recommend it to anyone.

I love D*, but FIOS is the only other carrier I would be happy with.


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Aug 11, 2004
Verizon's installers in this area are company employees and better trained. No stupid, inept D* sub-contractors

yeah it depends on the area but mine where dumb as bricks. They install refurb HD DVR that didn't work when he installed it. Told me he was coming back to bring another one and never showed back up so I would say it's a tie.

Wait till you have to deal with Verizon customer service. I am still being billed 1800 for non returned equipment that they already have. Calls to them about it are frivolous.


Dec 12, 2009
I've heard different reports. Are you limited to 2 HD tuners at a time? What happens on Tuesdays (or many weeknights) when there are more that 2 things to be recorded at a time?


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Apr 7, 2004
SatelliteGuystonfieldville, U.S.A.


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Apr 19, 2008
did you have to pay for those tivos yourself? must have been pretty expensive


SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 10, 2009
Yeah, you can get deals on the premiers for $199ish. But then you have a monthly service fee per box or you're out $299 a pop for lifetime.

I'm still considering getting a pair of premiers and going back to cable, especially if directv wont give me a deal on sunday ticket. It'd cost me about $1000 out of pocket for two boxes and lifetime for both.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 10, 2009
You dont cancel it, you sell the tivo with lifetime on it for ~70-80% of what you paid for it. If you hacked it with a larger drive for more space, you might get more for it on ebay than you paid for the tivo+lifetime+hard drive.

If the tivo breaks, you send it into tivo and they either repair it for about $100 for most problems, or they replace it with a refurb thats also got lifetime on it.
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