Thinking of switching from Dtv after 25 years


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Nov 11, 2006
I have had Dtv since 98 basically for the Sunday Ticket, and now since they do not have it I am kind of in limbo as to what I should do. I purchased the ticket from Youtube but still have Dtv at home, it feels very weird thinking of dropping them cause through the years they have been very good to me. Is there anything ya'll know about that would make it a mistake to leave right now? My main worries were DVR and NHL Center Ice, but Youtube has endless DVR space but no NHL. I think I can get the games through or ESPN+. Also, I travel 6-8 months a year with work and have recently purchased a camper to stay in and lugging around a receiver and dish is painful and annoying not to mention some parks have no clear line of sight. I thnk Dtv is nervous about losing customers now cause they call me everyday offering me premium movie channels for free for three months or them discounted but I finally quit answering their calls. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
I have ESPN+ for the Red Wings ( retired to Florida), the picture quality is great on plus, so much better then what I remember from Fox Sports.
As you mentioned, YTTV might be for you. Can always try several, keep one or more.
If you still want channel numbers (which YTTV doesn’t do) and most of the same channels, DirecTV Stream (since it looks like you have D* satellite) might be for you.
The only RSNs YTTV has though are the NBC Sports ones, while DirecTV Stream has pretty much every RSN except NBCS Philly. Heck, with DTV Stream the Bally Sports channels you get are the same localized ones you’d get on cable!
If you still want channel numbers (which YTTV doesn’t do) and most of the same channels, DirecTV Stream (since it looks like you have D* satellite) might be for you.
Directv Stream shows channel numbers in the guide, but you can't access channels by the numbers if you are using the app.
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Sometimes in the app, if you swipe to go to the next channel, it will go in numerical order and not A-Z like some other times.
Here in this screen recording attached below, I’m swiping right and it goes to 10 (WAVY NBC), 13 (WVEC ABC), 15 WHRO (PBS), then to 16 (WNEP ABC, this my home ABC which I’m blacked out from because I’m not at home, hence the blackout message that shows).
If it were A-Z, it would have gone from 10 (WAVY NBC) to 15 (WHRO PBS) to 3 (WTKR CBS) to 2 (WUND PBS) and so on:

Also, the guide only has channel numbers when Ch # is selected for sorting, and they disappear when A-Z is selected. I’m a sat customer using the stream app, so I guess it’s different for stream customers?
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I would call them and tell them you might be moving on to something else. I called after the NFL season to see if I was still under contract (which I wasn't) and they reduced my monthly bill 50%.
No contract either. Still cannot beat Directv DVR, IMO.
Have you tried calling em and threatening to cancel for lower rates. That's what we did and it worked wonders. We got the 2 year price . The 200.00 visa card and a few extras!!! Though that took 2 days to accomplish!!! We're using the same boxes so no contract!!!

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