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> I have the Sensar III. My TV has an ATSC tuner so I took the voom box
> out of line and now get now signal, so I definitely need the amp. I'm
> going to buy one of these:

Just to follow up, I bought one of these and it works fine. Took some
coax re-adjustments and a diplexer, but the Dish installer was able to
figure it all out. I was skeptical of his plan, but in the end it
works fine.

I pretty much get the same level of reception as when the voom stb was
powering the antenna -- I was hoping for a little bit better. Oh well.

Overall the 942 is a pretty nice set up, though I'm still learning it.
I've recorded several HD movies and it works like a charm and PQ is
good. Not quite as intuitive as tivo, but not terrible. There are a
ton of options for everything from HDTV set up, to TV1 and TV2 setup,
to the DVR options, etc. It will take a while to learn fully.

So far I'm happy with Dish and Voom10. I run TV2 on the 942 to the
rest of the house, still experimenting with dual vs. single mode.
Single gives PIP with 2 HD channels which is pretty cool. :)

The product sheet on dish's web page barely scratches the surface:



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