Really need superdish?


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Nov 24, 2003
Do I really need a super dish to get my locals? ok it does look cool but I really don't want it on my roof so I would rather go the multi sat option because we tend to get a lot of wind and putting it on the ground isn't an option. On dishnetworks site when I put in my address it says I need a superdish. Can I put an additional dish up instead and point it at the correct bird? Then use a switch to add it to my dish 500 systems? Another question, a friend of mine has an old dish network doesn't even say dish 300 on it it was probally an original dish network dish. Can I use that to point to the one satellite that I need and tie that into my dish 500 system or is it too outdated? I really only need to use it to point to sat my locals are on. thanks for any help!
Yes, You need a superdish (or at least one as big). The main reasons are the satellite used are lower powered and also to reduce interferance from other nearby satellites.
Brian -

You can put up a second dish with a Ku-band LNBF. Do a search here for "Poor Man's Superdish" and you will find everything you need to do it. If the two-dish solution works better for you than the Superdish you should have the option to go that route. I don't know why Dish is being so stubborn about this. At least they are activating locals for people who can figure out how to do it themselves.

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