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Oct 15, 2008
Western Maine
I think I mentioned this once before, but wasn't sure this was repeatable.
Anyway, this is the 2nd or 3rd time that this has happened.
I locked up the Azbox, in a strange way that I'll mention later. I got tired of getting up out of my chair and flipping the switch on the Azbox to reboot, or to hold the button in, so I logged on via telnet since I had my laptop handy, and sent a "reboot" command. The Azbox SEEMED to reboot, ie the screen went blank, and I *THINK* I could see the front panel blinking as it does when it reboots, although I can't see the panel very well from my recliner. However the screen never came back up. I decided that it must have gone into PAL mode or something so I got up, walked over to the box and tried to go through the resolution button thing. However the Azbox was completely unresponsive to the remote. I couldn't do ANYTHING with the remote. You could see the channel name on the panel consistent with the channel I had been on previously, but other than that, it was completely unresponsive. I then rebooted using the power switch, and everything came back on as usual.

Anyway, question is, has anyone else ever tried sending a reboot command via telnet, and if so, what happened? It's almost like the reboot command does something different than it does on other linux boxes I have.

Also... re the strange lockups, this has also happened several times since I recently upgraded. It's generally happened after I've locked a high bitrate DVB-S2 mux, such as one of the CBS muxes, and scan in channels. What happens is after I scan in channels, I hit exit or home to navigate back to TV to watch the channel, and the channel starts playing. However I generally want to hit "OK" to go into the window where all the channels are shown. I hit OK, and you then can see a semi transparent "AZBOX" text in the middle of the screen, which is barely visible. I try getting out of this situation, but the box is completely unresponsive to the remote. The channel keeps playing but I can't do anything, and this little "AZBOX" thing sort of fades in and out in the center of the screen. Really weird. I don't know if this has to do with the inability to do the telnet reboot or not, as I think that this symptom may have preceeded at least 2 of the times I was unable to reboot via telnet.
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