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Apr 9, 2006
This is in the incerased box resetting many times of late department: For the last few weeks, especially later at night, if I dare to tune to a channel down in the 240's range such Logo or TrueTV. The very moment the HWS displays channels in that range, it goes black and reboots, and then after what seems an extended reboot, displays the video of that channel for about 5 seconds, and then reboots AGAIN, and it will repeat this behavior FOREVER, unless I can manage to change the channel to something NOT in the 240's such as a 100 range channel, just before it goes black and reboots again. ONE INTERESTING THING: after the fist spontaineous reboot and all subsequent reboots, when the video returns (even after I have managed to change to "safe" channel OUT of the 240's range) a translucent message and status bar apperas at the bottom stating: Your Guide and DVR are being updated. Please wait before creating timers or using DVR recordings." The status bar does slowly turn green and progresses to 100% within about 6 six minutes. I've NEVER seen this particular translucent pop up except in this particual spontaineous reboot behavior. I end up trying to NEVER tune to the 240's range at night.

This behavior is a HUGE PITA!!!! The only reason I have not RMA'd my HWS is I am wating for the DPH42 to upgrade to TWO H3's. I'd be saving Dish money that way, too :). I just don't want to have to transfer our recordings two time in a short period, presuming the DPH42 is still coming at least this quarter! I can live a short while not tuning to Golden Girls and I Dream of Geni re-runs late at night, but I do resent the limited access for what I am paying.

Have any others had such experiences?
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