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Nov 11, 2006
I am working up in Montana and I have one of my home receivers with me and all has been good, however, I pay for Center Ice but the channels are telling me to order them and giving me error code 721. The question is if I call them and have them resend signals will it work to the receiver I have with me evn though I am across the country with it or do I have to tell them I have it in Montana? Is that something that is permissable with them? Thanks, any info would be appreciated.
You should be able to Re Hit the recvr from online, Log into your account, go to Equipment, from there you should be able to do a re-hit, it will hit All your recvrs that are plugged in.

IF thats not the issue, just call them and tell them that your not getting you Center Ice package, let them take it from there, I wouldn't necessarily tell them your not home, unless they ask, or ask you to check another recvr, which you can't do because your not home.

Tell them you are getting an error 721.

From the 721, it sounds like they just have to probably put it back in your programming.

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