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Oct 22, 2006
Hello guys, i install my receiver today and works fine.
watching Azteca channels and they are clear, good video.
now i have a question,can i use another dish and LNB to watch G10?
wath do i need, do i need a multiswith or a diseqc?
i have both a 4x1 diseqc and a directv multiswith
do i just run the cable from lnb to switch input and then just one line to my receiver? do i have to do a switch check?
oh my receiver is a 5000 coolsat and have a old round primetime dish
1meter channel master,is a old antanna and is cracked on the edge but
works great,took me about 10 minutes to find signal and did the blind scan
and wow video, now if i just get g10 on my other dish and i'm set
my other dish is a old directv dish 32" would that size be able to catch g10? i'm a new to fta, did alot of reading, read all ice tips thank you.
That 32" dish will work just fine. All you need is to make sure the 32" dish has a KU Band LNB on it.

The 4x1 diseqc will work. Put it between the reciever and the dishes (make sure to turn the power off on the reciever with the switch on back before adding it) :)

In the dish menu you can set Diseqc for each dish
Please reply by conversation.

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