Reception Problems with HGTV

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Oct 18, 2010
Springfield Missouri
Is anyone having problems receiving HGTV? About every 5 to 10 minutes, the picture will pixelate and loose sound for a second or two. I just had my dish realigned so I don't think it is an alignment problem. So far, I have only seen the problem on HGTV. I have a HR44 receiver if that matters.
I'm two hours late, but I'm not seeing any issues.
I'm not seeing any issues either, but I have seen a couple of reports from others who have. Unless we're all watching at the same time it's difficult to help.
yes its happening on mine also. hr54-700. hgtv is by far the worst for it. watching property brothers was a mess. happens every few minutes. ive also noticed it on sundance and food network. my dish was aligned not long ago when my dvr was replaced. signal levels are at or near 100.
9.30 central, all those channels are perfect.
Please reply by conversation.

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