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Nov 22, 2006
Again I find my 722 recording dups when set to new only. I had this problem before and had to delete most of my timers and re do them.
Now I'm recording ALL the Holmes on Homes 3/24/03 with a generic title and n/a for episode. What is the trigger for a dupe? I though the date would be enough.
There are about 10 copies of this same show on HGTV in the next 2 weeks and has been for 2 weeks and this recorder keeps recording them all. I tried deleting and resetting the timer again to no avail.
Is there anything I can do except delete them.
Using the skip takes way longer than deleting besides if you skip one it just records it later. Also if I am on the skip menu and hit the remote too many times it locks up and reboots many times.


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Nov 18, 2003
Los Alamos, NM
It is safest to set the timer to weekly/daily and not use Dish Pass if there are no distinct episode numbers nor dates. At least you won't have as many to delete.


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Apr 9, 2006
This is still a problem Dish needs to fix. The DVR's will, in some instances, record old shows even if the timer is set to "New Episodes" even if the info clearly shows the air date as being in the past. This even happens on show that repeat the same day three hours later.

On a past tech forum, Dish admitted, when asked by a caller, that they did in fact open up the timers to records some repeat episodes even if you had set the timer for "New Episodes." They said that there were a lot of people claiming that there DVR's were not recording the New Episodes causing the customers to miss their favorite shows. So, Dan said, they decided to err on the side of "repeat" safety, and open up the timers to record repeat broadcasts that way customers were certain to record the new episode, and if people like you or me keep getting old one recorded to, well, that inconvenience of having to delete an unwanted recording was better than possibly missing a new episode of your favorite TV show. I think it has been over a years since they have been doing this.

It won't happen in all instances, but some instances. For example, the DVR insists on recording every instance of MTV programming that as been set for "New Episodes." And History channel programs will sometime record properly for New Episode and record only that one instance, while other shows on History will record the New Episode, and the repeat of that episode 3 hours later, and again 4 days later, and all with the correct and proper air date on them for the DVR to use.

This is a pain. Dish, get with it, and fix this!


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Sep 29, 2006
Bay Minette, Al
It's all a guide issue.. The receiver is pretty much doing what it is supposed too.. The fact that it is recording old stuff is because the reciever is just playing it safe and recording anything that it doesn't understand in the guide just so you can't complain that it didn't record a show you wanted.. If the guide info were correct, it would record it correctly. The Dish DVR rarely makes a mistake.

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