Recording from hopper to dvd recorder ?


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Jul 18, 2012
Has anyone done this and had success ? I used to do it when I had dish years ago and it worked great. The quality of the DVD was very good. I have uverse and have for the last few years. Tried to do this with my uverse dvr and the quality of the recording was horrible. And about half the things I tried to record on to DVD it gave some message about cannot record due to copyrights or something. That never happened when I had dish.
I don't know about the Hopper since I do not have one, but I have not had any problems with any Dish receiver I have had in the past, I currently have 722 and 622 and record to dvd recorder from both. The only difference I know of between the two receivers I have and the Hopper is my receivers have s-video while the Hopper (and Joeys for that matter) do not, you would need to use the composite connection with may not give the same quality that an s-video does.
Yes you can record from Hopper to DVD recorder. You can record from the Hopper's My Recordings folder, the EHD, and a recording from another Hopper.

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