Red line on side of 34" monitor


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Nov 28, 2003
A Customer called me about a thin red line on one side of his monitor he can't get rid of. He has an 811 an the 34" RCA DV HDTV from Dish.

Anyone know what can cause it?
I got the 40" and 811 in the HDTV in a BOX!
I have no idea if it is the same thing, but on my my TV I sometimes get something that sounds the same, even if I go through the different stretch modes (811) the red line on the side of the screen is still there for instance it is there in stretch and normal, so it's not the TV, its the 811, if I turn it to other stations, (HD) it is not there. I hope you can understand what I'm saying! Simply put, the red line runs vertically on the right side of my screen when viewing SD (sometime not always), and when I put it on normal viewing (on the same channel) the red line is still there but inside the black bars on the sides, (in other words its not on the edge no more, its 4-5" from the edge) But if I turn it to a HD channel it is gone completely.
With the 811 you have the ability to place the picture on the screen. If that adjustment does not work than you will have to go into the user mode or service mode of your HD monitor and adjust the screen size and placement in order to remove the lines that you are seeing. That line is there because your set on the viewed mode is underscanning the picture and you are seeing the edge. This probably has nothing to do with the 811 but only with your indivdual monitors.

This is something a ISF Calibration can take care of. But beware, on some sets, the DVI settings and the rest of the settings are separate but connected. If you change settings in the componet mode the DVI setting will change but not necessarily the other way. DVI mode adjustments usually only affect DVI. It is very complicated and I am sure someone here would have more knowledge of this than I do.

Only reason I know that underscanning is the problem is that during an ISF Calibration on my Pioneer Elite 630HD the service tech adjusted the componet and thru the DVI off. We had to reread the manuel and resize some of the DVI settings. He worked very hard but DVI is very new and there are alot of things going on with each manufacturer that makes adjusting DVI in the sevice menu a headache! Good Luck :)

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