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  1. If you want to totally pi$$ off video gamers & heavy metal headbangers,change the Redskins' name to the "Social Justice Warriors." You'll hear some very colorful(& very politically incorrect) language from those two groups if you do that.

  3. just more of YOUR opinion
  4. And the opinion of editors of every English dictionary on the freaking planet!

  5. It is your opinion that it is a pejorative "disparaging, insulting, defamatory" remark. Obviously not everyone including ME agree with you.
  6. Look up the word Redskin in every English Dictionary you can find. See what they have been saying about the word as it relates to American Indians since the 1960s.

    Look up all the words in the post you posted as equivalents and tell me if ANY English dictionary ANYWHERE define any of those words as a pejorative.

    See, it is not MY opinion. It is the opinion of those that write the books that define our language as taken from contemporaty common usage at the time of publication.
  7. Oklahoma used to be Indian Territory, if anybody would be offended it would be there, I don't hear anything from the Apaches around here either ...
  8. When you invade steal ALL the land, then genocide a civilization of peoples: who were the savages ? ...
    now whitey feels bad about words. what a bunch of........
  9. My realatives would be offended..many Indians adopted the white mans ways..otherwise we would still be like south Africa and rhodisa where ethnical minorities overthrew the whiteman
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  10. Same here or we would have all died.
  11. The problem with this thread is that some people see the USA through the eyes of a minority. The Indians who were absorbed into our culture could care less about the word redskin. The word doesn't mean anything because they see themselves as Americans and not "Native Americans". Other citizens in our nation prefer to keep their own culture alive (Which is fine)but they like to make mountains out of mole holes. They like to equate a name ( not said as an insult) on the same level as slavery,opression and other issues minorities have.
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  12. or
    When i was young and had long beautiful hair. I was called Chief or Indian as a nickname or a slur kinda like the N word. the good of it was i knew who i was & am.
    I want our Land back white man you terrible ones.
  13. ahhhhh and you never called anyone a name
  14. But not the opinion of several Indian Reservation High Schools that have the same maacot.
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  15. Nor is it our right to change it...
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  16. WASHINGTON — A U.S. District Court judge has ordered the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to cancel six federal registrations for trademarks related to the Washington Redskins. U.S. Judge Gerald Bruce Lee also upheld the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office's decision in June 2014 that the National Football League team’s nickname might be disparaging to Native Americans. But that doesn’t mean the name would be stricken from the team, the airwaves or from merchandise. - See more at:
  17. And like last time, it will be overturned by the Appeals Court.
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  18. Now the government gets involved in this?? Ridiculous!!! Another example of too damn much government these days!
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  19. Redskins Say Canceling Trademark Was Unconstitutional

    "Cancelling a registration based on the government’s disapproval of a trademark discriminates against speech based on content and viewpoint," they said. "The District Court nonetheless declared the PTO’s action exempt from any First Amendment scrutiny because registered trademarks are all “government speech” and registration is a government subsidy 'program."

    The team called it an "astounding" notion that two million government-registered trademarks would be considered government speech.

    It pointed out that the PTO had registered, and not invalidated, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of market the team thinks are racist, misogynistic, or offensive, including Take Yo Panties Off clothing, Dumb Blonde beer, Dago Swagg clothing, and Thug Porn.
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  21. Looks like the Washington Redskin's name is safe.

    The Supreme Court has ruled that the law banning "offensive" name trademarks is unconstitutional.

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