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Has anybody else had trouble with remote access the last few days? I'm not sure if it is related to the general website problems DISH has been having.

One of my receivers right now is online and one is off-line. The online one has the correct channels but everything is off by two hours. In addition, even though the channel numbers and call signs are correct for my locals in the channel listing on the left, the guide info seems to be wrong. Things like the news have the wrong call sign (KRUG six o'clock news instead of KRCR, or News 13 at six on channel 12).

The off-line one currently has the correct channels plus a bunch of other locals that are not mine. Until an hour ago, it only had 33 channels when it was off-line. Obviously hundreds were missing, including my locals.

Incidentally, does anyone have the All-American Direct HD channels in the remote access guide? All-American Direct told me they were going to fix this problem but I have not seen it working yet.



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Jun 17, 2009
try refreshing the page (f5) I had that problem too but after refreshing i got the receiver online :)

Another problem im having is the recorded shows does not appear all of them..


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Oct 16, 2008
Booneville, AR
my local HD's have been messed up since they added them back in may. i am suppose to have the ft. smith, AR station info but it has locals for Tucson, AZ. the dish executive office has been tryingn to get it fixed, but we are on month four since i started complaining about it and it is yet to be fixed. until they do i cannot set an online timer for a HD local channel program. the last week has been buggy logging in since they updated it to allow the SD receivers(625 in my case) to be able to set timers.

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