Remote Control RF Frequency?

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Dec 4, 2008
I have a commercial job in which I need to use the RF remotes but the distance between the TV's and the source equipment is 500' and the source equipment is 2 stories under ground with concredte walls and ceilings between the two.

The company has run CAT6 to the television locations in which I am using to send the HD picture. (No problem there, have done it on many commercial jobs.) The problem is to control the receivers. IR will not work because of the shared room that has 3 TV's to 3 dedicated receivers.

I need to know at what frequency does the RF remote transmit. I am planning on taking the RF antenna from the receiver converting the F-Connector to CAT6 and locating the antenna in the room where the remotes and TV's are located. I would take the CAT6 in the room and convert it back to coax.

The whole key is to find a balun that can handle the frequency of the remote to send onto the CAT6. Does anyone know the transmit frequency of the DirecTV RF remote?


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Jul 17, 2009
Dallas, TX
RF Remote

I really need to do something similar to what you are describing. Did you get this to work? If so, can you describe the details?

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