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Feb 21, 2004
im reading a 522 remote will not operate a sony audio receiver my 522 will be installed friday i was wondering if a 721 remote will operate the 522 my brother has an extra 721 remote hes not using
Search these forums for Sony Receiver and you should find your answer is quite possibly yes. I have a STR-DE897 receiver. The 522 remote will control it's volume up,down,mute and power. But, there's a trick which I posted in another thread. You need to move the Sony receiver to AV1 IR mode from the factory set AV2 mode for the 522 to be able to talk to it. It's in the Sony users manual. At least this works on the 897.

Also works on the STR-DE695 with my 921 remote, and a really old Sony STR-something with my 501 remote. And I've heard of several other receiver/remote combinations working - as long as you deal with the AV1/AV2 issue. :)
Good remote construction!

One other thing to note about the 522 remote is it is surprisingly water resistant. My wife accidentally rolled up the Tuner 1 remote in a blanket which was on our couch after a drink was spilled on the blanket. The whole thing was placed in the washer and after spending an hour looking for the remote, it was soon found after the whole wash cycle was over and she was going to move the blanket to the dryer. :eek: I took the batteries out and let it dry a few hours but if I didn't know any better (and I didnt know what Liquid All smelled like! :D ) I would never know the ordeal it went through as it is working like a charm!

Now I wouldnt recommend trying this at home but if your remote ends up taking a bath its not the end of the world!


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