Repeatable SFSS

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Jan 12, 2004
OK, I have 3 boxes, 1 of which is an RCA HD Receiver. So long as that TV is on an HDTV channel(509) the OTHER two TVs work fine. As soon as I change the HDTV to a non HD channel(501) all 3 TVs get the dreaded black screen of death(SFSS). I called DirecTv and they said they would have to send some one out to look at it, which they can't do by this weekend :( so I"m asking the on-line experts. It has been doing this for a few months now and is repeatable, where as before this type of thing would happen once every few months. I have had DirecTv for about a year now, is it as easy as a misaligned Dish or could it be more involved?

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It is more than likely the multiswitch,wether it is a oval dish with the switch built into the head or a seperate switch i have changed multiswitches for this problem on numerous occasions.
The first basic thing all receivers must have a feed from either the dish or proper multi-switch. At this point the other receivers are piggy backing of the HD receiver. This is a sign of a bad switch or they are unable to get voltage or tone to the Dish/switch. Try unplugging all receivers in the house (whole house reset) this kills all voltage to dish or switch unless you have a powered switch. Start by plugging in one at a time, I would avoid doing the HD first. Try each one alone to see if it gains functionality. The first unit plugged in Powers up all the LNBs, all other will then just operate their portion of multiswitch.
ya ya this thread is old, but I figured I"d give it a follow up. It was the multiswitcher on the dish. Swapped it out and everything is perfect now.
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