replace 3lnb for 5 lnb on a slimline dish (1 Viewer)

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Jul 18, 2005
How hard is this? Is it something that I can do without needed to repoint the dish. Is it just a swapout?

2 screws that hold the LNB into the arm and unscrew the # of coax cables you have connected. Thats all
You don't have to aim the dish since you have it already "locked" using the 3LNB


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Sep 8, 2003
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Just curious, why the change to a 5LNB???

It might not actually be that simple. If the dish was previously aimed with only a 3LNB, there is no guarantee that it is properly aimed to pull in 119/110. When you have a 5LNB, there are other adjustments to make to make sure it is aligned w/119, while keeping the alignment on the rest. It might still work on the same 3 slots (99/101/103 it was aimed at with the 3LNB, but the 119/110 could be way off, after which it would need to be tweaked some. Also, you ARE aware that if you do change the LNB, & it turns out you can't get a 119 signal, then you will start having EPG problems, as the 5LNB gets all it's guide data from 119. (the 3LNB always gets it from 101)

Now OTOH, if you're going from a 5 to a 3, then it's normally no problem, since the dish was already aimed for all 5 & changing to a 3 wouldn't change that, other than deleting the 2 other slots.

Or, it might works just fine - no way to really tell until you change the LNB...


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Sep 29, 2006
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It should be fine and no adjustment should be required providing the dish mount is plumb and the signal levels have been peaked on the existing LNBs.
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