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Dec 30, 2006
Got a question can I use my old Voom dish if I replace the Lnb with a Directv combatible Lnb?. If so, what would be the settings on the dish.
Not likely for perfect results, if any results. But if its free for you to try, go for it. If you have a DirecTV receiver it will give you the correct coordinates for your entered location.

The dish reflectors are engineered to specific angles to aim/reflect the incoming signals into the LNBs. So unless the Voom brand reflector is very close to exactly the same; I suspect you will just be asking for more headaches than just buying the correct dish; they are not expensive so why not just do it right.

I assume you are talking about a PhaseIII type LNB? and I bought my backup off of ebay for $50 shipped.

A new PhaseIII is $60 and the AU9 "SlimLine" 5LNB model is $100 retail.
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The VOOM dish is exactly the same as a 18" Directv dish and LNB. When VOOM shut down I bought several of their 24" dishes to use for D* installations.
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