"REscanning" problem?


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Sep 22, 2003
I have a 56" JVC with an 811 hooked up. I have all the problems mentioned in earlier threads with one addition. Every 17 to 20 seconds, I get a rescan on my TV. What I mean is that the screen jumps from top to bottom. This happens with any type of hookup including DVI. Is this a 811 issue or a JVC problem? I do not have these problems with my 501 or 301. Any technical insight???
My 811 does the same thing. I am on my second 811 because of this issue. I have a 50" Sony Grand Wega III and a 36" Toshiba that is HD capable. The 811 produces the blips, fraction of a second freezes, or rescans through every output of the 811 on both t.v.'s. Very annoying when watching sports. I do not see any rescans through my 508 on either t.v. I was actually waiting until the middle of this week to call Dish and complain about this again. It will be two weeks since I have had the new 811.
pigskintoads said:
Do you have the same problem with the second 811?

Yes, the same problem with the second. I am suprised others haven't noticed it. It is much more annoying than some of the other inconveniences.
I tried speaking to Dish about it. It seems that I am unable to communicate this problem to them. I was able to speak to a tech guy who just could not understand what I was trying to tell him. Any ideas? Is there a more techinical way of saying that my screen is rescanning?

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