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Jul 20, 2004
[ HELP -- have a pansat 2500a (new) can any one tell me how to reset the receiver so the screen will stop rolling.? the screen rolls like it need a vertical adjustment. (like the old tv had) the tv works ok on reg. tv. .. call panarex the man said to do power button (put on standby) than do sat on remote than sig on remote than power back on. it did not help,was that that the righy way.? i know what i said above but does anyone out there understand it.? the receiver work untill i try to hook it up.. (dumb me hit some wrong buttons on the remote... thanks tom panarex did try to help but the man was hard to understand...
It almost sounds like you hit the button to switch to PAL (instead of NTSC)

I don't know how to change it without actually trying it when I get home tonight.

yopu might want to call Panarex back and ask them how to change the output from PAL to NTSC
Maybe this will help: (straight from manual)


You can set the TV type (PAL, NTSC and AUTO) by pressing VOL .. left or right keys. If the setting value is Auto, then TV is set automatically by source program. So, the source program is PAL, TV set PAL source program is NTSC, TV set NTSC.

This looks a bit confusing to me but then the manual is the worst piece of crap one could try and read.

Good luck.
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