Reverse Band 3 LNB No signal 99 & 103

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Dec 27, 2007
I am "moved". Physically in FL, moved to NY.
I just upgraded the LNB to the reverse band LNB 3.
I seem to be getting all my chanels, but it says no signal for 99 and 103. Only 101 has a signal.
Is this normal?
No. If you had a slimline 3, the reverse band should give you exactly the same signals.
I had the Slimline 5. But from what everything I read, the 5 is no longer needed. So I got the 3.
Are supposed to be in the W Palm or Miami dma? Either way, you won't get them if you have "moved" and the only locals for NYC you will get are the big four since they are on national beams. The 3lnb is fine, but you say you have no signal at all on 99 and 103? Are you getting national hd channels? Try rebooting and see if that gives you signals on 99 and 103.
I am physically in 33437 and "moved" to 07024.
Well ...

Outside of the 4 major networks, which like LA, are on nationwide CONUS beam transponders. You certainly aren't going to be able to receive any of NY's other locals down in FL. The NY local spotbeam won't reach nearly that far south.

But either way, something appears very wrong with the LNB. Even if the dish tilt is maladjusted, you should still be receiving significant signals from both 99 and 103W, due to their very close proximity to 101W.
I know I won't get the locals. I have no idea how all the satellites work and the numbering scheme of these satellites.
I just hit the satellite setup, and it gave me red X's for 99 and 103 E & W.
I just went to the signal meters page in the satellite menu. Here is what it shows:

101: 95%
110: 95%
119: 95%
99(ca): 73%
99(cb): 62%
99(s): Not acquired
103(s): Not acquired
103(ca): 82%
103(cb): 83%

I didn't change the transponders, I just grabbed the first one that each satellite showed. 99 & 103 seem low here which is maybe why I got the red X's in the setup. But as I said, I am not to familiar with how this works.
Any ideas?
I was just wondering if you may be pointed at the 110 Sat instead of the 101 ...

Now you must have put the 5 lnb back on, right, seeing its showing 5 Sats ?

The 3 LNB will only show the 99, 101 and 103.
No. The 3 LNB is still there.
When I swapped the LNB's I took the entire dish off the mount because I just couldn't reach the LNB from my ladder. I marked the alignment between the mast and the dish with a sharpie to make putting the dish back easy.
I should correct one thing I wrote above. The red X's are on 99 and 103 ODD(13v) & EVEN(18v), not East and West.
Yes, but it auto selects and grays out the LNB selection. So I can't change it anyway. It is showing the correct LNB. But when I hit continue and it runs the test, thats when I get the red X's for 99&103.
SWM LNB reverse for the 4K. It only has one coax output on it.
OK, just checking because that was never mentioned above.

IF its a SWM RB LNB it should read it when it boots up, which it must be because you have no access to change it ...
That part is correct, what I don't understand is why your seeing the 110 and 119 Sats listed as they should not even be being seen. (unless its actually a 5 RB LNB) which I highly doubt as they just came out according to what most are saying here.
Can you post all of the signal strength numbers for 99ca/cb and 103ca/cb? Your numbers are low, but okay if the weather is clear.
The first problem is that you have not completed satellite setup. Although the system correctly detects the SWM LNB, it still thinks you have a 5LNB not a 3LNB. It's a quirk in the system, you need to go all the way through satellite setup including getting new guide data. I discovered this when I replaced my 5LNB with a reverse band 3LNB.

Second issue is that you have 99 and 103 signals that are below Directv's installation threshold, which is somewhere in the high 80s, because the dish is not perfectly aligned. That's why you see the red Xs.The system will work, but you will be more prone to rainfade.
Good catch texasbrit. I did the same thing when going to a 3 lnb from a 5. Even with the 3 working, it showed signal strength from 110 and 119 until I completed the setup process.
Good catch texasbrit. I did the same thing when going to a 3 lnb from a 5. Even with the 3 working, it showed signal strength from 110 and 119 until I completed the setup process.
Yeah, and when this happens, because of the way a SL-3 LNB is wired internally, it causes those spurious levels from 110 and 119W that are actually coming from the same numbered transponders on 101W.

IOW, 110W is really tps. 28, 30, and 32 from 101W.

And 119W is really coming from 101W tps. 22 - 32.
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