RG6 Lenght between devices?

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Feb 22, 2008
Is there a minimum cable lenght between: motor and switch, switch and lnb.
Iam planning a redo at the dish and would like to place the switch 6 inches from
the lnb. Any white paper on the subject. Thanks
There is no minimum distance, but it is recommended to keep the switch out of the rain and direct sunlight. Also keep in mind that you will probably not see a difference in signal for a 6" cable vs. a 6' cable.
im switch's should not be outside. keep the switch inside out of the elements.
I agree 100% with the answers above.

Additionally, I leave a 6' length of cable between each LNB and the next device (in my case, that'd be a grounding block).
That gives me a place to connect a meter or other equipment for alignment.
It's also a far more convenient place to connect/disconnect the LNB, than right AT the LNB!

While I put big expensive switches inside, I do sometimes put little cheap ones outside.
Most are not rated for outdoor use - check their documentation.
Weather here is very mild, with minimal rain. So, I put 'em under the eaves, out of light and rain.

Cables should also have a "drip loop" in them wherever the connect to 'the next device", another reason for a few extra feet.
That is a loop or wiggle in the cable to make sure any water flowing down the cable falls off it before the cable turns upward to plug into the motor/switch/block, etc.

And, it's useful to use tie wraps to restrain cables, but do not tighten them enough to make indentions in your cable.
Also, I've found that too many tie wraps, used to make an install look too neat, almost invariably cause a problem next time you work on your equipment.
So, use just a few at strategic locations, and leave 'em a little slack.

: to more properly address the question of 6" cables to a switch...
I assume you want to put the switch right out on the arm under two LNBs?
Please consider putting it on the back of the dish, where it will have at least minimal protection.
Good Ideas, Folks

Yeah I was going for the neat look, the setup is in a highly visible location.
Okay, you've got our input.
Now, you're going to do whatever you like. - ;)
And that 's fine. At least you're informed.

Let's see a picture of what you come up with.
If it's done well, it'll last many years.
If not, it'll probably last one or two.
That may be enough that you'll move or rebuild the whole thing for other reasons.
So, have fun! - :D - That's what it's all about. - :up
the drip loop is an excellent reminder. it should also be placed before the coax enters the house, this is something I see alot of shotty installers missing.
If the switch is covered you can leave it outside.

I have a 4x1 diseqc that is covered and its been outside for 3 years now.....survived MN winters :D
I have put relays / swithches inside old cottage cheese containers (bottoms up) bring the wires in at the former top with notches in the lid so it will snap back on. The notches drain out the moisture and the plastic can be painted with certain paints do they look pretty good (for a redneck).
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