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Oct 6, 2006
I saw that the Roku LT was available for $49- shipping included. I've been eying one of those streaming boxes for years and it's finally it the right price point. The thing that's changed is that I don't do Netflix streaming anymore (Dropped to just DVDs) because of the price hike.

So, since $49 is still a very substantial investment for me, I was wondering: What's out there that one could get for free on it that people might enjoy? Anything good? What's up with this Crackle thing I've seen referenced? Is that really free? Is it any good? What else is out there?

Also, is the LT model of the Roku itself decent?

It's still a lot of money for me and would entail some sacrifice, so I don't want to get it just to do it. I want to be fairly certainly it's something I'll use frequently and enjoy.

Gary Z

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Jun 27, 2005
Seguin, Texas
I just bought my Roku 2 XD. Crackle has movies and is good and free. I have Netflix-- I dropped the DVD Service and went to streaming only. There are other free movie services also like Popcornflix and Pub-D-Pub the latter has older movies. Tons of free Radio Stations. I installed free MP3tunes and uploaded my music collection and can stream it to my Stereo. Most channels are free but a few charge a small one time fee like 2.99 and others require a monthly subscription but there is enough free stuff to keep me satisfied. The Religious Channels also have Free on-demand Family Movies which are good. Since I have had the Roku for about 2 weeks I have seen about 10 new Channels added and I heard more to come next month. There is some live streaming News Channels also like Russia Today and Fox News all for free. If you install Nowhere TV you can get a ton of channels. I use it frequently and enjoy it. The LT Model will not do 1080p but 720p is good nor it does not have the expandable memory slot.

I ordered mine from the Roku website-- it got here in 2 days very fast shipping. I dumped cable tv a while ago and am satisfied with the Roku Channels. Lot cheaper then the monthly cable bill.


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Jul 21, 2007
I go the 2xs (89.00) because I wanted free angrybirds, 1080P and ethernet. Google roku free and you will find the freebies.

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