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Mar 30, 2006
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ok guys need your imput. i know that wildblue is supposed to be one computer and everything. it seems that with the systems that we have used routers with are having a heck of a time. they don't seem to work well with linksys routers. is there a better router out there for this service? i'm the installer and i have had to learn the computer end of this but my boss is pretty good at this stuff and he is not sure what's going on either. any feed back will be appreciated
Linsys are junk. I had one with my roadrunner, and it would slow down and eventually stop passing data. I took it back to walmart!!!

Doing QC work, I have run accross customers that you guys have sold those POS's to, and I just tell them to try unhooking it and running the computer to the modem. I have a Belkin now, and I haven't had to reset it so far (since may). If I had to do it all over again, I'd get one of the routers that you can upgrade the little antennaes to larger ones.

There was one customer who was running an old ass gateway that they had maxed out on memory through a linksys. Time to get a new computer. A windows 98 machine running a gig of ram and windows xp is still a booty ass computer. Get a new proc and mobo, already. They can afford it if they can spring for hughesnet or WB.
Make sure...

You set the MTU to manual rather than auto. If you don't it will stop working on occasion:( Other than that I have about 100 of the WRT54G's out there with no problems:D


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