Ruin a band name by removing one letter


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Jan 4, 2007
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I'll go first. The Bach Boys. :D (Yes, I stole this from FB.)
Come on you guys; you can do better than that! How about The Batles?
Lack Sabbath? For us Gentile's who gotta' work Saturdays.
Conway Titty? Took a trip to Switzerland. For which Lou Reed wrote a song for.
Ad Company? Every few minutes on YouTube and phone apps.
The Angles? Builds pyramids like an Egyptian.
Uns and Roses? Relocated to Pittsburgh. Oops....that's "Yun's".
want more?
The Ho — could also be He Who

Emerson, Ake, and Palmer — also could have been Emerson, Lake, and Paler

Allman Bothers — Again, any number of Brothers can become Bothers

Pear Jam — sounds yummy, unlike Earl Jam
One irection

one direction slap GIF by ADWEEK