Sammy BD-P1500 FW Out (1 Viewer)

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Dec 2, 2007
Pretty good. They've had one for the 1400 about every 2 months. They just firmwared the 5000 to 1.1 so I but they'll have profile 2.0 buy the end of summer for the 1500.
Summer has started and if this FW is not the 2.0 then they're cutting it close to make your prediction.
I think stating tha the BD1500 is a BD-Live capable player is okay as long as the consumer knows that they will have to wait for those features. Seems like there are really no 2.0 features to access right now accross the board from the studios so my guess is that when those movies with 2.0 features start becoming more pronounced in the marketplace you will see the firmware update from Samsung and probably not until then.
Well more and more studios have announce that all their movies will be BD-Live capable yet it appears that your BD1500 is releasing FW that didn't do 2.0 I hope this isn't like your prediction way back that the PS3 would bitstream.


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May 29, 2006
Lower Alabama
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