Samsung HLN507W vs HLN567W

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May 23, 2004
Was just about to put money down on the Samsung HLN507W when I saw the ad for the larger HLN567W. Everyone knows that bigger must be better........has anyone bought either of these and have any comments/suggestions.

How do these guys fare when it comes to displaying SD........afterall, not everything (unfortunately) will be HD

Also, anyone have experience buying online thru good? bad?
Last question first. Since you are planning on spending around $3K, make sure Samsung will honor their warranty if purchased from Many of the major electronics manufacturers will only honor their warranty if the item is purchased from an Authorized Reseller. Also, if you buy the reseller's warranty, make sure you know who will actually be sending a service-person to your home if you need service on your Sammy.

I bought an HLN507W last July and I'm very pleased with the set so far. I did have a noisy color wheel that was replaced under warranty last fall. Bigger is better if you have a greater viewing distance available. By the Sony guide to home theatre, you should view HDTV from 8'-6" on a 50" diagonal WS and 9'-6" from a 56" diagonal WS. For each of these distances for HD add two feet to watch SD. Why? Because SD has fewer pixels and the PQ look pixelated on screens that large at that close a distance.

My Sammy does a good job of displaying SD; however, that is via DVI from the E* 811 receiver I currently have, and I have the whole system controlled through a Monster HTS-3600 Power Center. When I first got the Sammy, my reciever was a 2700 w/ only S-Video available and I was using a basic Monster Home Theatre surge protector. The SD was at best adequate on some channels, and was almost unwatchable on some others, like locals via E*.

You may want to wait a little. Samsung unveiled their next-generation models at the recent Home Electronics Expo. More information on these and other next-generation Samsung DLPs can be found right here or in this preliminary Samsung 2004-2005 DLP product brochure. A press release with official pricing on the 85 series model can be found here.

I would look to get an 85 or 70/77 series model with the new TI HD2 PLUS light engine and seven segment color wheel. These are expected in July-August and should offer a significant improvement over current models. An AVS PowerBuy--for $600-$1000 off MSRP--should be available for these models in the next 6-8 weeks.
Love that HLP5685W!!!

Thanks for the update about the new models.......I just spent the last two hours checking them out on the web.........that HLP5685W with the pedestal stand is reallly sweet! Looks like I may have to revise my HDTV budget upwards.
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