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May 15, 2011
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Does any one have pictures / more info on the Samsung Window Screen... this looks amazing, just like out of the movie "Minority Report". Everything is viewed on a window, and the window is transparent just like any other window, but with the one-way viewing technology, people inside a home or office can use the window to use the web, access Twitter, check the weather, or perform other tasks we have become accustomed to on tablets and smartphones, meanwhile people outside can only see the person inside swiping at a blank window!
I posted a picture or two of it in dfergie's Samsung booth thread. I didn't get a chance to actually touch it though because there were so many people crowded around it. It did look amazing though and when you see it -It almost looks fake until you look harder at it and realize the clock's second hand is ticking. I wish I had stuck around to see more of it and actually play with it. A window with an embedded touch-enabled display is something that is truly innovative! ;)
Anything like the display they use on CSI Miami, when the peopel are looking at photos and documents and THROW them up on the wall, also done on other shows since then.

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