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Feb 21, 2004
I was wondering if it's possible to record on a DVR unit from an existing sat reciever? I already have a DirectTv/Tivo setup in one room which is great and I'd like to use my old sat reciver in another room. Can I just go out and buy a DVR unit, hook it up to the old sat reciever?

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Have a Replay 5040 connected to both a sd hughes D* and a jvc 6023(6000u) E* can only record downrezzed hd but yes... you can, or buy a standalone tivo for it. Another consideration if you do not want a guide is a DVD recorder such as a panasonic with a hard drive in it.
Keep it in the family. Get a standalone tivo. Works great with sat receiver.
You would be better off buying another D*Tivo combo unit to replace your extra standard receiver. If you add an SATivo it will cost you $149 or more plus you will have to pay either an additional $12.95/mo or $299 lifetime for full Tivo subscription, if you purchase a D*Tivo combo to replace your current 2nd receiver it will cost you $ 99 or less plus possibly a new multi-switch if needed for about $40 but no additional Tivo subscription needed, just the normal $4.99/mo 2nd receiver mirror fee. Plus the combo units record directly off of the satellite bit stream, which means better pq in most cases then that SA would provide.
Please reply by conversation.

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