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Sep 8, 2003
Moreno Valley, CA
My grandmother is interested in getting Sky Angel so I offered to take a look and see if she had a clear line of sight to 61.5, then do the install if everything was OK. What I saw was that anywhere on her roof the line of sight goes right through some power lines across the street. Has anyone experienced aiming through power lines? Will there be a problem? The only other option would be putting a tall mast on her roof. Going lower isn't possible due to the height of trees across the street and a low look angle here in the LA area (19 degrees).
Remember that the satellite is 12 degrees above the LNB. :) So look up 12 degrees higher and see if you hit the power lines.

I think she should be fine, but it all varies on how close the powerlines are to the dish.
Powerlines should cause no problems unless they were physically close enough to touch the dish.
Even if your dish was low enough to the ground to where the power lines would be in front of the signal, it is not a big enough of an object to affect the signal to any great measure. Making sure the powerline does not touch the dish just makes sure that it gets no surge through the dish and coax.
Thank-you for all the replies. I already have a Dish300 set up on her house for occasional use when we visit. Looks like all I will need to do is repoint it and we will be in business :D

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