SatelliteGuys.US Server Problems?

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Sep 7, 2003
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When I do a new posts search the first page comes up fine but when I click on 2 for the second page it always comes up with "Page Not Found" even if I go do a new search for new posts. Is the server still experiencing problems?

I am also curious if there is some way of being able to check all new messages from the past day or two just in case I would run into a problem to where I did not get to read all the new posts if I had to disconnect from the internet, a different link get clicked by accident while you are visiting this website, or an error happens. If someone would get interrupted while trying to check all the new messages you end up not getting all of those new posts back but have to search all the forums for all the messages from the past day since you last logged on.
I think it is alright now. It was early in the morning when I experienced the issue so I doubt if many others noticed or had the problem.
Ahh that may explain things. On Saturday Morning, the Search Index reindexes. That would explain it. :)

Looks like I need to change that time to a lot earlier in the morning. :)

Glad everything is ok now. :)
I was not sure if it was a setting or the server. I was thinking that if it was the server that it would not have let me view the first page updating it and allowing me to see the posts made on the first page.
Its really hard to tell, it could depend on your computer, or it could depend on where it was indexing when the page was drawn. Lots of different reasons. :D
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