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Oct 20, 2005
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In 2016 I bought a SatLink 6980 spectrum analyzer through an eBay seller Bamboo Technology. It was advertised for both satellite and terrestrial but after receiving it I realized that it was set up for European satellite signals and not the US. I complained and they said they would change their advertising and gave me a small discount. It did give me a spectrum display of the frequency I often need to access although it would not tune it in. The unit was useful for about 6 months and started developing operational glitches. I lived with it for a while until there were more glitches than display and decided to get it repaired under warranty. I gave a detailed account of the problems but the seller would do nothing until I sent photos. photos which proved nothing. When you take a photo of a screen which does not have on it was is supposed to be on it one has to use a verbal description. It cost me $60 to return to China. They kept telling me to be patient when I tried expediting and 3 months later sent me a tracking number for the return. Initially the tracking told me that it was in transit but after another 3 months the unit had not been received and the tracking number became useless. I threatened Bamboo Technology that I would bring the matter to Satellite Guys if they could give me no positive results. They didn't so I did. I have been using a Satlink WS 6933 to line up dishes and except for once when I had to take apart the on/off switch because it would not turn on, it has functioned reliably, I really need a spectrum analyzer with a terrestrial function but have been reluctant to buy another one hoping that Spectrum Technology or SatLink will face their responsibly and replace the unreturned unit.

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