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This brochure is not supposed to be released until tommorow, but SatelliteGuys got our hands on it early, which means you get your hands on it as well! :)

Here is a PDF of the SBC / Dish Network product brochure.


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OK, am I missing something here. Upon quick scan of it I don't see any price break on Dish programming here or any mention of a discount on SBC service.
Call 1-866-999-6181 and press Option 1 (More information about SBC / DISH Network) they will make you an offer for a Discount on your monthly Dish Network Bill if you agree to subscribe to SBC Yahoo DSL service.

BTW I wonder is the "Maintenance and Processing Fee" of $4.00 is a additional monthly fee?

Also whats a Model 3750 Receiver?
I would guess that the 3750 may be a redesignation for all of the 2700's, 2800's, 3700's, and 3800's returned from the Dish Home Plan or returned from a customer receiver upgrade plan.

It might also be any of the above receivers refurbished and upgraded with replacement or auxilary boards to make them work with DishPro.

Now, it is revealed, why they were trying to get back old receivers and will require them for new offers to existing customers.
3750 is a QAM receiver that only works in a QAM setup. Amost never bought by customers and has never been eligable for ANY promos
"Basic" sounds like just locals and nothing else, but if you go with Top 60 you get locals free. I just don't understand how SBC is going to provide my locals? OTA? Though DSL? Or maybe a special dish?
What if you're in an area where DSL isn't offered, like where I'm at? Do we not get a break? I have SBC for our phone and DISH. I have been thinking of VoIP to go with our cable internet (my only broadband option).
The brochure Scott posted shows America's Top 180, 120, 60. That brochure lists a website That web site contains the same type of brouchure but it is has several differences. It shows America's Top 150, 100, 50 instead (with different prices), and the Equipment, Installation, and Service Information box has been replaced with the Adult Services box. I called the number Scott listed but the guy didn't have any details on anything. He said call back in the Spring for details!!!. He said he did not see any discounts in pricing being given to existing customers that already have both Dish and SBC Yahoo DSL.
So the only benefit with this merger is for existing customers to get a single combine bill? According to this guy the answer was "yes". I hope he's wrong.

I'm not really surprised. This is typical SBC customer service. I love SBC services (like Yahoo DSL and Cingular) as long as I don't actually have to talk to a real person.
I notice another site now has this brochure up a full 24 hours after it was origionally posted here. :)

We are proud to research things and bring them to you first. :)

On a side note, I understand that people from Dish and SBC were NOT happy about this information being made public. I know a few dealers who have faxed these brochures to Dish and have been called by Dish asking them where they obtained these brochures. Dish says this information is not supposed to be public knowledge until March 1st. (Hey Dish check out
As I noted earlier, I have yet to see anything of value in the SBC/Dish joint venture brochure.
So I'm not sure why announcment is such great news. Maybe come March 1st SBC/Dish will explain the greatness of it.
Apartment Homes Only?

This seems to be an offer that is meant for apartment complexes. So I would guess that one of the pluses here is that you will not need to worry about having a Southern facing balcony and setting up a dish. Is SBC providing the satellite feed through the telecom cable?

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