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Aug 4, 2005
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I have a 75E dish and the signal was low (50's and needed re-peaking), I went up on the roof today and got 80% at the dish, however I only get 65 - 70% at the tv. I am wondering what the max signal with that antenna can be obtained here in North georgia? I am dropping D* after the holidays and going only FTA & SC and want to limit my outages as much as possible. I have a garage full of fortec U90's and might put them up instead but I am going to play it by ear, it wouldn't be an issue but here in Georgia we have horrific summer thunderstorms.
what are your EBNo #'s on some channels?

options 6-0-5 right arrow to diag. C

As long as you have +7.5 or higher you're OK
I only checked a few channels but its like 8.5 to 8.0 give or take.

before I adjusted it was like 6.5 and would go out quick in a heavy rain...suppoed to have some good rain tonight so I will see then.
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If you are getting 8.0 to 8.5 that's pretty good. That's what I average here in NE Alabama. I also average that or just a little more using a round Primestar dish at the headend receiving WSBK. I would say a 9.2 or so on average.
Check all of your exterior connectors for corrosion or any small slivers of ground wire inside touching the center conductor. Make sure you are using RG6 cable not RG59. Cable should be swept to at least 2.25 GHZ on the printing on the outside. Cable length from dish to receiver should be as short as possible, try not to exceed 125 - 150'. It will work beyond this but you will see increased line loss dropping the signal down or a loss of certain channels (highest and lowest frequencies drop out first). Ground on the RG6 cable you use - look for 60% braid. Solid copper core. No splitters or taps in the line or in your walls behind the face plates. If they are standard cable splitters, they are limited at 900Mhz and not made for the 2.2Ghz of satellite channel frequency.
Oh yeah
Forgot to mention staples through the cable may have stapled through the cable causing a short inside the coax or signal bleed reducing your signal strength at the receiver.
NEC Ground question


I am in the process of augmenting my Dish Network (118.7 SuperDish) with Starchoice. I have my electric meter towards the front right of the house. My Superdish is installed/ground there.

Since I plan to continue to have my SuperDish for E* international programming only, I thought that I will have to install my Patriot 85-E dishes (2 of them per Mike Kohl for both SD/HD programming) somewhere towards the back of my house.

If my dishes are installed towards the back of my house, I have a few basic newbie questions:
(a) I am getting a universal roof/wall mount along with my Patriot 85-E dishes. I have a clear view of both South and Southwest. Is roof or wall better?
(b) How do I conform to NEC grounding policies for a safe ground, since my new dishes will be 60-70 feet away from the electric meter? If I run cables from the dish to the meter (60-70 feet), and then ground them, run them back to my family room (potentially another 50-60 feet, making it 120-150 feet of cabling from dish to living room), will that deteriorate my signal quality?
(c) Between a 4x4 (no power insertion needed) and 4x8 multi-switches, is there a recommendation? I will initially go with a 505 and plan to switch my 505 for a 530. In light of that setup, is a 4x4 better?
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