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Jul 20, 2005
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Scott- could you ping on Dish about the 721?

We have reports that now they'll activate 721s bought from others.

And reports that they will send out a 721 to replace a broken 721 (not the 522/625 replacement bit).

And reports of the 721 not working after 8/1 (certainly wrong).

And reports of some imminent mass receiver replacement program, swapping MPEG-4 for MPEG-2. Which might explain the 8/1 comment above.

Now, we always have CSR errors, baseless rumors and complete misunderstandings. But something seems up regarding the 721. Have they "reinterpreted" the requirements of the court again? Is there some plan to toss in the towel on the 721 and send them all to the landfill? Can you tell us if something is up- and if so, can you also tell us what seems to be coming/happening?
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