Scott: Noisy 721 HD


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Oct 1, 2003
I asked a couple of weeks ago about the last software update, and didn't it have some new enhancement that spun down the HD when it wasn't doing anything? Mine's spinning like a madman 24/7, and it sounds like a lathe in a machine shop now. I already returned one a year ago for that same reason. Anybody remember about the automatic spin-down?
Same thing here, infact mine seems to be getting noisier.

I did notice the other night the PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE was on the screen, however the drive was still spinning.
can you just replace the hard drive maybe with a bigger one?
or is the dvr software on the hard drive?
I hear a lot of things going on at 3 am, perhaps that is the guide downloading or something. I have also noticed the hard drive a bit more than what I used to at certain times.

You cannot just simply replace the hard drive without going through a lot of stuff. Go to Yahoo Dishrip group for that information. It is a complicated process. It will also void your warranty.
Unfortunatelly, no upgrade for 721's hard disk. The receiver does not handle disks more then 137 GB. But, as I'm aware you could make full copy of your old ( bad ?) disk to new one by a program Ghost.