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Here is something I know you are all waiting for. :) (Ok maybe not)

Before I start I must say THANK YOU to EVERYONE!

To those who have donated THANK YOU, your donations have kept the site alive, to those thinking about donating thank you, I am working on something big so all money will be used to support this site and give us the bandwidth we need from what I am working on. :)

And also THANK YOU to everyone else! Yesterday we broke the 1,000 member mark here at SatelliteGuys.US! It only took us 2 months and 4 days to reach this milestone so THANK YOU to everyone!

Thank you to the 117 people who joined us at one point of another in our Charlie Chat... Chat last night!

Everything we do here at SatelliteGuys.US we do it for YOU! Our quick growth and amazing event turnouts show us we are doing something you believe in!

Ok now on to my commentary....

First let's start off with the Charlie Chat...

My mother always said, "if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all" with that said that ends my thoughts on the Charlie Chat. :D

Next up is telephone lines...

There has been an uproar here lately from members who have received letters from Dish Network wanting them to hook up phone lines to ALL their receivers.

Now what I am going to say is 100% pure speculation on my part so take it for what it's worth.

I believe that Dish Network MAY get rid of additional outlet fees for those customers who have their receivers plugged into a phone line!

Why do I think this?

Last night after the Charlie Chat I was sent some information from Echostar, it was a note to retailers. What stuck in my head was this following paragraph...

Please note, each DISH 322 and DISH Player-DVR 522 dual tuner receiver requires a constant phone line connection. Customers who do not have a phone line continually connected to their DISH 322 and DISH Player-DVR 522 receiver will have to pay a monthly programming access fee of $4.99 per receiver.

Notice that if the receiver is not plugged into a constant phone line connection they will charge an additional outlet fee (Monthly programming access fee) of $4.99 per receiver.

For those who keep their phone lines hooked up to their receivers I have a feeling you might soon see a reduction in your bill.

This would beat DirecTV and Rupert Murdoch to the punch, and would make the new DVOD fees make much more sense.

For those of you who don't want to plug in your receivers to a phone line or don't have a phone line you will continue to pay the monthly additional receiver fee.

If this is the case, then this is a brilliant move by Dish, not only will it make customers happy, but it will generate a lot of revenue for Dish, as I know there are many customers who have racked up some heavy PPV purchases but they have never been reported to Dish due to the fact the receiver has never called home to report the purchases.

What's your thought's on this?

Finally as I said over the past 2 months December will be a big month for Dish Network, I have received a few notes from contacts after last nights chat and also this morning telling me that big things are coming in December. You may call me the eternal optimist but I really do have a feeling (and its just a feeling) that Dish has some Holiday presents in store for December that is going to make quite a few happy.

Thats my thought's for this month, I would love to hear yours!
awax said:
I thought it was current because of the Charlie Chat comments but I guess it helps to read the date,

60 days later!!! Not much has changed! :(
Now over 2,000 members and counting. There will probably be between 5,000 and 10,000 members by the end of the year at this rate.
Scott wrote:

"Notice that if the receiver is not plugged into a constant phone line connection they will charge an additional outlet fee (Monthly programming access fee) of $4.99 per receiver."

My take on this is if you buy a 522 or a 322 you will pay 4.98 for the PVR and an extra 4.99 for the 2nd tuner in one box so there will not be a price reduction for anybody but rather $5 more for a 522 or 322 for a total of $9.xx per month.

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