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Sep 8, 2003
Did anyone see "Jaws" on SD Bravo last night (Saturday)? The SD quality was downright excellent. Yes, I've seen some so-so quality on SD along the way at times with VOOM, but I think it has all been getting better. It is quite better than Dish Network SD ... when I look at that, I feel like I have someone elses glasses on - blurriness is fairly bad.
There are exceptions at times regarding SD, but I just had to comment on the quality of the Bravo feed last night.
I've been recording a lot of stuff for my daughter off Disney with my new Panny E85 and the SD PQ is quite nice and the PQ beats Dish hands down, it's not fuzzy anymore and I can actually watch it on my pj and it looks good. I've been scanning though a few of the SD channels just checking out PQ and it does seem to be improving, though there are still some turkeys out there that need a LOT of work (less compression).
The PG on SD Channels When Viewing On My Infocus X1 DLP Ft Projector Is Excellent But The PQ On My LCD HD Ft Projector When Viewing The SD Channels Is Pretty Poor. I Think The Higher Resolution Devices You Have Show The Flaws In The SD Channels. On My 27"
SD TV Thru S-Video The PQ Is Great On All Channels (SD & HD)
IFC On My DLP Projector (Great), On My 27" SD TV Through S-Video (Great) On My LCD Projector (Poor)
The LCD Is Great For HD

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