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Oct 17, 2003
Medford, Oregon
I for one would like to thank Sean for giving us sooooo much info on Voom Good and Bad!! I have been following his posts here and at other site and find them Very very helpful.. I am not sucking up to Sean just stating a fact!! I am going to get my Voom install On Thurs the 26!! I am sooo excited.. I am new to HDTV i have dish net at the moment just got it Dec 8!! My wife My child and i love HDTV.. I am tired of waiting for dish to make a move so i am going from the AEP to bare min.. (Hopefully dish will move on HDSoon) Anyway i also want to say i do not know Sean and i know this is a HDtv Junkie just rambling but i wanted to thank Sean for posting and just to let him know whether anybody admits it or not its GUYS like him that make this hobby fun and helps guys like me get the Best service out there!! Thank you Sean for work-in so hard at being fair and helping Voom and us Newbies in HDTV!!!

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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Thank you for all the good thoughs. As you know, I have really tried to stay unbiased in this whole process. Yes, sometimes I have been biased but in the most parts I have tried to give you the most information whether positive or negative. As you may know, we have kept our discussion on the subject. That is VOOM. I think that's essential to all of us. To discuss in a very intelligent way VOOM.

Yes, we at have copied information from other sources as well. But we have always quoted every source of information. Whether it was press release or another forum. Yes, we had exclusive information as well which others have used in some other places and failed to give us any credit for the information. As I navigate through the various forum, I see this and just stay quiet because that is not what we are here for. We are not here to get famous because I was able to publish the exclusive information only. We all can get a lot of benefits from all the information that is out there.

All in all it has been a pleasure to deal with very intelligent members like you. We all have concentrated in the issues at hand and have not gone on a tangent and divert our negative feelings in the issues. Thank you so much for doing this, it has made my job a lot easier. Thanks guys.

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Feb 14, 2004
Sean Mota

Yes, Sean, you are the driving force of this Voom forum and are well deserved of our praise.


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Dec 31, 2003

I'm happy to count myself in the numbers of folks that have been able to take the HD plunge with the aid of your posts and hard work, THANKS!!

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