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May 29, 2012
As a DXer I have plenty of parts that I purchased at some point but due to my personal circumstances couldn`t use for a while. The good news is that things are getting slowly to normal again and I can focus more on things that I used to love to do. One of these parts is my Seavey ESA 44-3 OMT unit.
Because I`d like to use this great OMT at some point in the future I`m wondering if any of you have ever heard of purchasing a separate polarizer to fit the OMT from the manufacturer or other vendor.

Picture by "jkara" uploaded in "How about a Chapparal C-Band OMT with "studs"?" :
(I tried to post only link, but somehow it doesn`t work, so I hope you don`t mind if I did it this way)

jkara`s Seavey 44 unit.jpg

I think it would be great to have the opportunity to buy the polarizer and use it if needed. European sky is full of great satellite positions...and also linear and circular signals.

I don't know if "jkara" reads it, but if you do buddy, please can you check diameter of the throat used on your Seavey? There`s a spare cap sold by Vincor for $20, but I`m not sure if all caps used by Seavey on their units are all the same size - see my post about Chaparral Bullsey.
Or, if there`s anybody else who has a Seavey and was in the same situation and needed spare/extra parts to buy is welcome to reply.

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