Seeing Voom commercials on FOX, ESPN


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Jun 5, 2004
Snazzy commercials with dirt bike racing and other stuff, a little 16x9 style box will "grab" an area and zoom in with the "OMG it's like your there" idea. I saw it during the Red Sox/Yankee game however it seemed as if it was shown during the "local commercial" segment, not sure.
If this is the new commercial they plan on using though, it looks nice (would have been cool if the commercial was in HD, to target HD viewers from other providers)
I've seen it on ESPN, it wasn't HD. I didn't see it on Fox either, so it must've been a local add. I've flipped pased the Voom infomercial back in circulation about 3 times now...
What did you think of it bbgman? I kind of liked it...
Voom is campaigning in Florida, local 7 shows Voom commercials all the time in the morning, not a morning has gone by I don't see it with my morning news. Also I'm hearing Voom commercials on the radio, with taglines that go:

"feed your HD with up to 39 HD channels with more then 4000 hours of HD programming, including HBO, Showtime, and Starz in HD. South FLorida subscribers get all your locals in HD via off air antenna, and FSN Florida in HD!"
New Voom Commercials In L.a.

Just saw about a 5 minute promo for VOOM on independent station here in L.A. area. Obviously targeted at new Home Theater buyers and cable/sat. subscribers. Good to know. If I didn't have VOOM I would have been called to check it out. Now they need local distributors like BestBuy, GoodGuys, etc.
Way to go!
I had the voom commercial playing on two local stations at the same time today...

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