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May 1, 2004
Im new to dish, I just bought a 301 w/a dish 500 and two sw21 switches from sears on the bargan table it didnt have instructions on the dish set up so i tried to figure it out? here is what I do have:

I have 100% on 110 and 119 individually and the reciever will ID and lock on. I have a cable from 110 and 119 going to the sw21. When I add the sw21's (either of them) I am unable to get the reciever to stop looking for a signal or it locks on 110 and tells me both cables are on 110 and I am on the wrong sat.
I get a message saying to check my cable connections, I checked for a short or bad connection/connector all are good and so is my cable. Both sw21s appear to be new.... so what gives? or what am I doing wrong? 2 afternoons on this and c4 is starting to sound good........... thanks
Have you went to the check switch menu? and checked it? if not do so... it will go thru about 38 steps then should tell you that it is getting 110 and 119 and is 119 on the #1 input on the sw21. And what do the lnbs say? (on the outside of them)
Thanks for the fast help and the welcome.... I did run the switch check thats when I get the check connections/connectors message. when I got the dish it had a single lnb for 119 so I picked up a new one for 20.00 and swapped it out. to be honest i never even considered the lnb.... I thought all lnbs are the same?
The LNBs are on the mount supplied with it... about a 1/4 inch appart. Its the old style... the dish/reciever used to be the display at Sears
two out puts on each LNB and yep swapped cables on both switches... no luck
Ok, one cable to the left the the right lnb also (would not be getting one or the other otherwise)hmmm, do you get only 119 or 110 programming? and try pulling your smart card then putting back in.
110.... tried the card and reset the reciever....
Have you set the skew on the DISH if you haven't you will only see 1 satellite at a time. If you are a new customer to DISH the system should have come with free installation. As a new customer to DISH you should havebeen able to get upto three receivers free with free installation you shouldn't have had to pay anything for the system.
Also check your coax, I like to bend the wire to make sure it makes connection when I hook to a switch the reciever or the lnb.(center wire)and be sure it is slightly longer than the threaded part of the connector.
dfergie, I checked the coax again to be sure. its all good.

boba, those specials are for 1 year contracts... im not gonna commit to something when i might be shippen out anytime.... thats why this sears deal was so nice.... oh well back to it. Im gonna go buy a new sw21 or a multi-switch depending on cost and try those.
try moving dish toward 119 (beforehand mark mount, and mast with pencil) see what happens.(move about an 1/8th or less of an inch at first), check signals, check switch. btw you are using a single coax connecter instead of the sw21 when peaking on the sats?
yes Im direct connected to the LNB once it peaks then added the sw21..... I have 100 signal on 119, for about 10 seconds it says wrong sat detected the locks on and ids as echostar 119....

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