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Sep 8, 2003
Is there a way to set the Display topics from previous: 1 Day as a default? Kinds defeats the purpose if you scroll to the bottom of the list everytime. Can this be set in a cookie?
Judging by the silence, I guess the answer is no. Can the Display topics from previous: be moved to the top of the screen? That would be a big help.
Nope this is one thing that can not be set.

This feature however will be in the upcoming 2.20 release of the forum software. :)

I will see however if I can move Display topics from previous: up to the top. :)
Hey guys help me out, where do you guys see "Display topics from previous" I can't seem to find it (to move it) :)
I don't know if this helps, but I just added a new feature....

On the top right of the main index (i.e. ) there is a new options to show new posts from a selectable day. :)

Is this better? :D
Ok I found here the "Display topics from previous" and mirrored it at the top of the page.

Thanks for the suggestions guys!!
The top "Display Previous" doesn't seem to work the same as the bottom "Display Previous". I used the top one to select 1 week, and it still gives me all topics. When I do the same on the bottom one, it works fine.
I don't see how that's possible, as its the same code just cut and pasted from one area to another. :)

I try both and they both work the same from here. :)
That is strange...for me the top setting always does what the bottom setting does. So if my bottom setting is set to 1 week and I press go, then I see 1 week worth of topics. If I then go to the top selection and set it to 1 day and press go, the selection box changes back to 1 week and will show me 1 weeks worth of topics. If I then go back down to the bottom selection and change it to 1 day and press go, I get 1 day. :rolleyes:
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