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Oct 25, 2010
Metro Atlanta
I've been having this issue with my 630 for a few weeks. This occurs almost at the same time every day (8:30 am). I get a message on my screen "Loading...Please Wait". When this occurs, I have no access to any of the menus, nor can I change channels.

The workaround has been to just shut the receiver off then turn it back on. I want to see if any of you have encountered the same issue and how you can go about correcting this.
that is when the guide is updated. after that screen bug goes away, the blue scheduling bar appears in the upper right hand corner, but at least you can change channels and do other stuff while that's happening
Sorry to bring up this old thread, but this issue is no longer occurring for me. I checked the version of the firmware and it is still 6.22. I don't think this was "magically" fixed overnight, but I don't see anything that indicates that it was. Is this still an issue for folks?
It still happens once in a while. I haven't noticed a set time but it may be. It usually lasts for less than a minute, no big deal really.

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